Taste Washoku Life

Taste WASHOKU Life

We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and providing our customers with the best possible products.



First, find good ingredients.
There are many delicious foods in Japan’s regions.



Find a candidate, we’ll sample it.
Verify whether the ingredients can be exported.



Pack as soon as we get it.
Delivered by DHL in 3 days at the earliest for both US and EU.

Ingredients & Foods


Many high-quality processed foods, dried products, pouched foods, etc.

Snack & Sweets


Items full of fun, including new releases, limited editions, and standard items.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

Focusing on convenient goods with a small footprint and an emphasis on reliability.

Magazines & Stationery

Home Essentials

Interesting items such as office supplies, DIY tools, toiletries and more. Magazine too!


Graceful Niigata

My Favorite

Good One for WASHOKU Lovers

Carefully manufactured products.

Processed and manufactured using seasonal ingredients harvested at their most delicious times.

Baked Mochi
Baked Mochi

How About UDON?

Of course we know that you all love RAMEN.
However, UDON eaten during the cold season is also special.

Sweet Energy

If your health is your top priority, it’s best not to eat snacks. I know that, but I still can’t give up sweets. For mental health…


Our recommended shops and products.

  • 7 Herbs
  • Jam Jam Jam
Dried Persimmon

Deliciousness nurtured in nature.

During the dry, cold winter, persimmons are exposed to plenty of sunlight and become dried persimmons. It’s just natural deliciousness.

Utensils are also part of the kitchen

Some people like useful tools for cooking. It’s really fun to watch them whether the person cooks or not.

Kitchen Utensils