Deliver reliable value

The standard we introduce is high quality, country of origin, and locally popular items.

Deliver reliable value

The delicious period is short

Be careful as seasonal products originating from Japan are only sold for a limited time!

Tekenoko Satoyama

About Us

We are located at Sakae-ku, which is south of Yokohama City. It’s 12 minutes from Kamakura station, 26 minutes from Yokohama station and 62 minutes from Tokyo station by train. Hakkeijima, famous for its aquarium, takes 38 minutes by train.

Kamakura vegetables are grown in Kamakura and Sakae-ku in Yokohama. Their selling point is fresh local vegetables and sometimes spotting some rare vegetables. We enjoy shopping at the local supermarkets operated by Kamakura agricultural cooperative associations in front of Kamakura station. We try to purchase directly from the farmers, but they can be sold out quickly due to their popularity.


Introducing nice Japanese-made products to the US and EU.

Continuously increase sales through various efforts.

Don’t keep customers waiting with quick shipping.

VAT payments according to the laws of each country.

Privacy protection is our most important obligation.

Customer trust is our true bread and butter.